Steel Bite Pro vs BetterBite – Which One is Better?

Both Steel Bite Pro and BetterBite are oral health supplements that come in the form of consumable capsules. The formula for both the supplements is made using only natural ingredients extracted from plants and herbs. Steel Bite Pro and BetterBite claim to cure common dental issues such as toothache, tooth decay, bad breath, cavities, gum diseases, and sensitivity.

Both these supplements have by far been sold to thousands of people around the globe. The results have been shocking for most consumers who felt relief from their dental problems by regularly consuming the capsules.

So, do you plan to try them out? Which one though? If you are going to test out any one of them so why not start with the best one among them?

Therefore, we’ll have a comparison between Steel Bite Pro and BetterBite so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Steel Bite Pro vs BetterBite – Key Differences

  • Originality

Like they say, “You either have to be first, best or different.” It turns out, BetterBite was the first such kind of supplement that hit the market. That’s why it is decorated as the “original” oral health supplement. In fact, you would find a sharp similarity between the formulas of BetterBite and other oral supplements such as Steel Bite Pro.

We shouldn’t be surprised if Steel Bite Pro had copied the formula or at least had taken inspiration from it. So, Steel Bite Pro wasn’t any different nor the best so far when compared to Better Bite.

Therefore, we have to give points for originality to BetterBite that came up with this unique formula that got successful as well.

  • Dosage

A bottle of Steel Bite Pro has 60 capsules each and you need to take two capsules each day. That makes it a supply for 30 days.

Meanwhile, BetterBite has 30 capsules per bottle but you have to take only one each day. So, a single bottle lasts for 30 days as well.

However, it implies that a single capsule Better Bite has almost double the content than a single Steel Bite Pro’s capsule. BetterBite simply adds more when filling the ingredients in the capsule. So, a BetterBite capsule is more concentrated in contrast to a Steel Bite Pro one.

Also, you don’t need to set multiple reminders with BetterBite as you have to consume just one capsule daily.

Hence, in terms of dosage per capsule, BetterBite clearly takes the lead here although Steel Bite Pro has the same concentration split into two doses.

  • Ingredients & formula

Which supplement packs better ingredients? Steel Bite Pro claims to contain around 23 natural ingredients. However, some studies argue that not all of the mentioned ingredients are infused correctly. For instance, Steel Bite Pro has 50mg of beetroot and surprisingly tastes a lot like it as well. Does that mean Steel Bite Pro has an extravagantly high amount of beetroot? That’s classified and only the manufacturers know the truth.

However, we can assume that the formula of Steel Bite Pro might not be as balanced as that of BetterBite. So, BetterBite excels in this department as well.

  • Price

Price could’ve been a major deciding factor. However, as it turns out, the price for both Steel Bite Pro and BetterBite is roughly the same. A bottle of Steel Bite Pro costs $69 meanwhile a bottle of BetterBite costs $69.95. That’s almost a dollar more than what Steel Bite Pro costs.

At a glance, it may seem as if Steel Bite Pro takes the lead here but instead of the amount, we should consider the value for money. What it means is, BetterBite is recognized as the original supplement and has a better formula yet its price is just one dollar more than Steel Bite Pro.

Thus, BetterBite offers a great return of your money along with great results. It just doesn’t make sense for Steel Bite Pro to have the same price as BetterBite.

  • Availability

Steel Bite Pro has an active website and it is much easier to order it. Meanwhile, BetterBite is often sold out and it is harder to get as a result. You might have to surf several retail stores to finally get your hands on BetterBite.

Steel Bite Pro takes lead when it comes to availability as you can simply order the supplement online and get it right at your doorsteps.

  • Results

By far, both supplements have delivered positive results and it’s the reason why we’re discussing them here today. On Steel Bite Pro’s official website, you could find a lot of positive reviews. The consumers have reported drastic changes and they seem to be quite satisfied with the supplement.

As for BetterBite, it has already proven itself as a reliable supplement that solves our teeth and gum issues. Besides, results speak louder than words (yes, I just made that up).  There is a reason why BetterBite often runs out so quickly at the stores. Our personal experience also favors BetterBite.

Thus, we would put our belief in BetterBite once more.

Final Verdict

It’s apparent, isn’t it? BetterBites emerges as the clear winner in our battle between the two most popular oral health supplements. Steel Bite Pro shines when it comes to availability which is very important as there are many frauds out there who take advantage in selling lookalikes. If you can get access to the original BetterBite supplements, it’s the clear choice for your problem.

Steel Bite Pro is the next best alternative and it will get the job done just as well. Over 1000 bottles of Steel Bite Pro are sold on a daily basis – if the product was not as good as it claims, it would have been discontinued or stopped by the FDA on its tracks.